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Basement Watchdog Accessories

With Basement Watchdog accessories, we've taken anothe step to help protect your basement from flooding. Our accessories make it easier to keep your basement dry. Click on the picture for more information or where to buy.
Battery Filler Bottle

Battery Fille Bottle
  • Automatically fills the Basement Watchdog Batteries to the optimum level
  • No more spills overflowing
Klunkless Check Valve

Klunkless Check Valve™
  • Reduces the loud CLUNKING sound when sump pumps stop
  • Silencing air chamber absorbs the sound that normally occurs after pump sutoff
Parallel Jumper Cable

Parallel Jumper Cables
  • Enables the extended sump pump run time of the Big Dog Battery Backup System
  • Connects multiple Basement Watchdog 7.5 Hr batteries to your existing Big Dog system

 Universal Dual Float Switch

Quick Connect Pipe
  • Easy Installation - Simple Do-it-yourself
  • Saves money and time - No need for drilling, priming and gluing. When replacing an existing pump, there's no need to remove the pipe from the old pump
 Universal Dual Float Switch

Universal Dual Float Switch
  • Two floats for added protection
  • Protective float cage helps keep debris and wires away from interfering with float movement
Water Alarm

Water Alarm
  • Detects leaks before costy water damage is caused
  • Save Money by detecting leaks early