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Quick Connect Pipe

Quick Connect Pipe

Quick Connect Pipe
Model No. BW-QCP
1 Year Warranty

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Quick Connect Pipe

Makes sump pump
installation EASY!

Product Overview:
The Basement Watchdog Quick Connect Pipe is a pre-assembled discharge pipe that makes sump pump installation and replacement easy!
  • Easy Installation - Simple Do-it-yourself
  • Saves Money - No need to buy adapters, PVC primer and cement
  • Saves Time - No need for drilling, priming and gluing. When replacing an existing pump, there's no need to remove the pipe from the old pump
    Pre-Assembly Includes:
  • 1½" Rubber coupling
  • 1½" Check valve
  • Pre-Cemented Female adapter
  • Pre-drilled weep hole
  • Discharge pipe
  • Pre-Cemented Threaded male adapter

Simple Installation:

Also see the instruction manual for further details and important safety precautions.
1. Quick Connect Screw the Quick Connect Pipe into the volute of the pump Quick Connect
2. Quick Connect Insert the rubber union into the existing vertical discharge pipe
3. Quick Connect Tighten both upper and lower hose clamps on the rubber union