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Universal Dual Float Switch

Universal Dual Float Switch
Basement Watchdog Universal Dual Float Switch Basement Watchdog Universal Dual Float Switch Basement Watchdog Universal Dual Float Switch

The Most Reliable Float Switch in the Industry!

    Product Overview:
  • Universal switch is compatible with most sump pumps; water raises float and switch activates your sump pump
  • Easy, automatic pump activation
  • Two floats for added protection; second float acts as a fail safe that also activates your sump pump
  • Second float activates your sump pump if the first float does not, helping your sump drain effectively
  • Sump pump will run for an additional 10 seconds to drain excess water
  • Easy Installation
    Protective Float Cage:
  • Helps keep debris and wires from interfering with float movement
  • Curved bottom reduces debris build-up under the float
  • Vented to allow water flow
  • Controller
  • Caged Dual Float Switch
  • Hose clamp - lets you easily install the floats at any level

Easy Installation

Universal Dual Float Switch Installation
See the instruction manual, for further details and important safety precautions

Installing the Dual Float Switch
  1. Hold the float switch to the discharge pipe so the cage is below the bracket
  2. Secure the float to the pipe with the enclosed hose clamp, but do not completely tighten the clamp at this time
  3. Position switch to a level where the bottom of the float cage is:
    • No lower than 3" above the bottom of the pump
    • No higher than 1" below the top of the pit
    Avoid debris pouring into the float, by positioning switch on the side of the discharge pipe opposite the drain tile
    Note: It is important to mount the float below the drain tile that empties into the pit. Mounting it above the drain tile would allow for more water to fill the sump pit before the pump has a chance to drain the inflow of water.
  4. Once the float switch is in the desired position, tighten the clamp
Installing the Dual Float Controller
    Plug the control box into a properly grounded, 3-prong receptacle, then insert the pump plug into the receptacle on the control box. Completing the Installation
  1. After the initial installation, be sure to check the pump operation by filling the sump with water and observing the pump through one full cycle When using the dual float, the pump should run for an additional 10 seconds after the float drops
  2. Replace the pit cover making sure not to pinch or crimp the pump wire with the cover The pit cover either has a 'hole punch' that will allow the cord to be passed through it, or can be drilled in the cover