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Backup Pump Comparison

The Basment Watchdog Big Dog
The Basment Watchdog Special
The Basment Watchdog Emegency
Pumping capacity (in gallons per hour at a 10 ft. height) 2200 GPH (3500 GPH @ 0') 1730 GPH (2500 GPH @ 0') 1000 GPH (2000 GPH @ 0')
Efficient 12-volt pump puts less drain on the batteries so they pump longer 11-13 AMPS 10-12 AMPS 6.5 AMPS
Approximate hours of continuous pumping with the Basement Watchdog 7.5 Hour Stand-by Battery 7.5 hours 7.5 hours 12 hours
Approximate hours of continuous pumping with the Basement Watchdog Emergency Battery Not Recommended Not Recommended 6 hours
Runs intermittently for days on a single charge
Charger Strength (the higher the AMPS, the faster it will recharge the battery)20 AMPS 1.6 AMPS 0.4 AMPS
Switches automatically to battery power when AC power fails
Pumps automatically when water volume exceeds the capacity of the main AC pump
Recharges automatically when power is restored
Monitors battery & power conditions constantly
Charges the battery, then shuts off to extend the life of the battery
A battery hooked up backwards will not damage the control unit
Turns on the pump weekly to make sure it's working properly
Displays the battery charge level
Pumps on AC power as well as battery power
Capable of pumping and charging the battery simultaneously
Two batteries can be used for double run time
Accommodates maintenance or maintenance free batteries
Detects irregularities, sounds an alarm, and pinpoints problems and solutions on the control panel
The alarm can be silenced during a power outage
Remote terminal for security system, auto dialer or other device
Battery needs water
Battery is old and needs to be replaced
Battery is discharged or defective
Battery cable is loose or terminals are corroded
Battery terminals need to be cleared for a better connection
Power plug is out of the wall
Power, fuse or circuit breaker has failed
Pump has been activated, check the main pump for failure
Pump has been activated, check the main pump for failure
Backup pump is clogged or broken and needs to be cleaned or replaced
Battery is hooked-up improperly