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Connected Pump
       Keeping You Connected!

    Basement Watchdog has always focused on monitoring and communicating to homeowners of any issue or recommended maintenance their backup sump pump may need. As smart homes and connected devices become more common Basement Watchdog has a solution for you. In several of our systems we have included a built-in gateway to allow communication to a home security system, auto dialer or other device.

    Remote Notification Capabilities:
  • The remote terminal allows the unit to connect to one of many  external devices
  • Allows for flexibility not found in other brands
  • The remote terminal is included with the:

Watchdog Special+ Control Panel
Remote Terminal:
The terminal allows the unit to connect to a device of your preference:
  • Option 1: Wi-Fi notification system such as the Basement Watchdog
    Wi-Fi Module
  • Option 2: Monitored security or home automation systems, can connect using such the Basement Watchdog Wi-Fi Module
  • Option 3: Auto dialer for cellular or land lines

  • One of the greatest advantages to the remote terminal is it will continue to be compatible with new devices and technologies as they come along.
    Communicate with your pump while away from home and be notified of the current status with Basement Watchdog Connect. Basement Watchdog Connect assures you that your Backup System will remain up-to-date, with the flexibility to Connect the way you want.
      Watchdog Special+ Control Panel
      Basement Watchdog WiFi Module
      Model No. BW-WiFi
    • Sends emails or text notifications and status alerts to your phone, tablet or computer
    • No required monthly or yearly fees or subscriptions
    • Installation Videos
      Watchdog Special+ Control Panel
      Basement Watchdog Home Automation Module
      Model No. BW-HZM
    • Easily connects to compatible monitored security or home automation system
    • Connects using Z-Wave Plus