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Basement Watchdog Dual Float Switch
Added protection for Your Basement

Dual Float Switch, Universal Dual Float Switch

Dual Float
Universal Dual
Float Switch
As more and more families use their basements for family rooms, media rooms, offices, and even extra bedrooms, it becomes more important to keep this space dry. Ideally, a basement will have a variety of safeguards in place. All Basement Watchdog systems come with a dual float switch or dual float with protective cage
  • Battery backup systems come with the dual float switch
  • Primary sump pumps include our dual float switch with protective cage. They can also be bought separately and used as a replacement switch for any sump pump system
What makes our switches better?
  • Two float switches for added protection and redundancy
  • The primary float switch activates the pump when water reaches the float
  • The secondary float is a safeguard for the primary float, which can also activate the pump
  • Automatic pump activation
  • Adjustable to any height
  • Easy installation