Which Sump Pump System is best for Me?
There are two models of the BW Series sump pumps choose from. Also compare against our NEW 1HP Sump Pump. Important issues to consider:
• Pumping capacity • Reliability
• Energy Efficiency • Durability
Also consider our battery backup systems as an added safeguard or our combination primary pump and backup systems for extra protection and easy installation. Please see our Watchdog brochure or click on the "Specifications" tab above for more in-depth details of each sump pump system.

Features Basement Watchdog Greenline
Basement Watchdog Greenline
Basement Watchdog Greenline
Motor HP 1/3 HP 1/2 HP 1 HP
Pumping capacity Gallons per hour (GPH) at 0-ft. height 3,600 GPH 4,400 GPH 5,640 GPH
at 10-ft. height 2,600 GPH 3,200 GPH 4,440 GPH
Pump discharge outlet 1½ inches 1½ inches 2 inches
Energy Savings* $60.44 $63.47 $28.21
Gallons-per-watt hour (G/Wh) 6.2 G/Wh 6.3 G/Wh 5.9 G/Wh
Amps @ 10-ft. height 3.5 AMPS 4.2 AMPS 6.3 AMPS
Energy efficient PSC motor
Pump Construction Cast Iron / Cast Aluminum Cast Iron / Cast Aluminum Cast Iron / Stainless Steel
Dual float switch with protective cage
Continuous duty pump
Dual Seals to protect the motor
Water cooled
Compact - fits sump pits as narrow as 7 inches  
* Based on an average run time of 5 minutes per hour for one year. Average electric cost per kilowatt-hour is estimated at $0.12.