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UPDATED: 06/25/14

Frequently Asked Primary Pump System Questions

  •   Q: Why should I use a Basement Watchdog primary sump pump? A: All Basement Watchdog primary pumps are built to be durable and reliable. They are engineered with energy efficient PSC motor. This allows the pumps to save you money and help the environment by using less electricity. They are also rated for continuous duty which means they are built to run continuously 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  •   Q: What is included with the Basement Watchdog primary pump? A: All Basement Watchdog primary pumps come with the pump itself, controller with dual float switch, and a stainless steel hose clamp.
  •   Q: What additional items will I need to supply? A: You will also need to supply 1 ½" or 2" rigid PVC pipe to connect to the existing plumbing, a check valve or union, and PVC pipe cleaner with cement.
  •   Q: How does the dual float switch operate on a primary pump? A: The float switch will turn on the pump when the water raises either float, and it will remain running as long as the water is above the float. When the water drops below the float switch, an internal timer in the dual float controller will keep the pump running for additional 10 seconds to empty the rest of the water in the pit.
  •   Q: Why are there two floats on my primary pump? A: For added reliability, the float switch has two floats. Both perform the same operation, activate the pump. Should one float switch fail to operate, the second float automatically activates the pump. Both floats are covered by a protective cage that prevents debris or other wires from interfering with the movement of the floats.